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Welcome To Prosafecoat

We drive organizations to deliver promise on asset protection from Equipment lubrication to Civil Structures to Steel to Marine coating protection. Changes in coating & lubrication  technologies have led to substantial advances in the prolonged protection of assets as well as improved productivity. As a subject matter expert, we can assist you in framing the right products in lubrication, metal forming or coatings to employ economically and also ensure that you get the competent hands to do the job for you. As an owner, you can be sure of the products and the application thereof. Please offload your coating and lubrication worries to us and we will show you how to get it done economically. We also conduct technical/Selling training in paints, applications and lubricants.


All you need to do is to get in touch with us with your lubrication  challenges or coating specifications/protection requirements  and we will assist you in the rest.